Preparing for the SAT – Spring 2015


Upcoming SAT Dates for the 2015 Spring Semester (Click here to register):

  • May 2
  • June 6

For much more information: College Board SAT Home

Free resources available on the College Board website:

Vocabulary resources:

khan-academy logo

Khan Academy for Math:

Also check out the Sparknotes SAT Test Prep.

Happy Test Prep!

Smarter Balanced Practice


All 11th graders will be taking the “Smarter Balanced” test this May. In order to access the practice tests, follow the directions below:

  1. Go to Smarter Balanced Practice Test.
  2. Click “Take the Practice and Training Tests.”
  3. Click “Student Interface Practice and Training Tests.”
  4. Click “Sign In.”
  5. Select Grade 11 and click “Yes.”
  6. Choose one of the “Practice Tests” or “Performance Tasks.”
  7. On the settings page, click “Select.”
  8. Click “Yes, Start My Test.”
  9. Click “Begin Test Now.”
  10. Explore the Math/English sample tests.

Los Angeles River Essay

lariverWriting Prompt: Like the city that shares its name, the Los Angeles River has a very tortured and complicated history. One writer, Jenny Price, calls it an “outsize concrete sewer…most famous for being forgotten.” Write a persuasive essay about how the city of Los Angeles should handle the future of its river. Use rhetorical devices, appeal to your audience, and back up your argument with specific evidence. Include cited evidence from the Los Angeles Times articles and other online resources. Online resources:

Prepare for the CAHSEE

Student Writing 2002 (cybrarian77,

Student Writing 2002 (cybrarian77,

10th graders: it’s CAHSEE Time! ALC will be testing on the following dates:

  • CAHSEE English Test: Tuesday, March 17
  • CAHSEE Math Test: Wednesday, March 18

See below for some helpful resources to help you prepare: