AP Language Exam Study Guide

ap language

The AP English Language Exam is on Wednesday, May 13, 2015Scores will be posted online in July.

The test itself is three hours and 15 minutes.

  • Multiple Choice: 60 minutes for 52-54 multiple choice questions on 4-5 reading passages – Counts as 45% of the final score
  • Reading: 15 minutes to read synthesis essay sources and plan essay
  • Essay: 120 minutes for three essay questions, includes rhetorical analysis, synthesis and argument – Counts as 55% of the final score
  • No points are deducted for wrong answers, so students are encouraged to answer all multiple-choice answers. Use process of elimination to get rid of wrong answer choices.

Released Test Questions:

Helpful Study Resources:

Essay Questions (Free Response Section):

  • Argument (40 minutes)
  • Synthesis (40 minutes writing + 15 minutes reading)
  • Analysis (40 minutes)

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apscores2Click here for AP Exam Information, including Multiple-Choice Questions, Free-Response Questions, and Scoring Guidelines.

AP English Language Vocabulary Resources


There is a variety of important vocabulary to learn when preparing for the AP English Language and Composition Test. Here are a few online resources:

Preparing for the SAT – Spring 2015


Upcoming SAT Dates for the 2015 Spring Semester (Click here to register):

  • May 2
  • June 6

For much more information: College Board SAT Home

Free resources available on the College Board website:

Vocabulary resources:

khan-academy logo

Khan Academy for Math:

Also check out the Sparknotes SAT Test Prep.

Happy Test Prep!

Smarter Balanced Practice


All 11th graders will be taking the “Smarter Balanced” test this May. In order to access the practice tests, follow the directions below:

  1. Go to Smarter Balanced Practice Test.
  2. Click “Take the Practice and Training Tests.”
  3. Click “Student Interface Practice and Training Tests.”
  4. Click “Sign In.”
  5. Select Grade 11 and click “Yes.”
  6. Choose one of the “Practice Tests” or “Performance Tasks.”
  7. On the settings page, click “Select.”
  8. Click “Yes, Start My Test.”
  9. Click “Begin Test Now.”
  10. Explore the Math/English sample tests.