ALC Accelerated Reader


“Books are trees made immortal.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All ALC English students will need to reach their AR reading goals for the Fall Semester.  Accelerated Reader points make up 15% of the total ALC English grade. The final reading goals for the Fall 2014 semester are due in December.

To take a book quiz, please follow the directions below:

  1. Check with your English teacher first about the book you completed. You will need to show a copy of the book and take the quiz in class. (In order to prevent cheating, quizzes taken outside of class may be deleted.)
  2. Once you get the “go ahead” from your teacher, go to the ALC AR Website.
  3. Click “I’m a Student.”
  4. Type in your user name and password (if you forget your user name, click “Forgot your user name?”).
  5. To take a reading book quiz, under Accelerated Reader, click “Start Working.”
  6. Search for your book title.
  7. Click “Take Quiz.”
  8. It will ask you, “How did you read the book?” Select “I read by myself.”
  9. Then take the quiz (usually 10-20 questions).
  10. If you pass the quiz, your teacher will update your points in your grade. If you fail the quiz, contact your teacher to possibly retake the assessment.

Special Note: If you are reading a book that does not have an Accelerated Reader quiz, contact your teacher. You can still earn points towards your grade if you successfully conduct a “Book Talk” with your teacher.

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