ALC Class of 2017 Graduation

Congratulations ALC Graduates! So proud of you all!


Guitar Club Rocks Cal-State LA

Guitar Family Fest 2017

Great job to the School of Rock at the AAAJ Family Empowerment Festival this past weekend at CSULA. Shout out to Andy, Allen, Oswaldo, Marvin, Michael and Silva! Keep on rockin…

Dystopian Worlds Essay and Presentation



“Escaping the Dome.” Image courtesy of yumikrum (Flickr)

Writing Prompt: The short stories, “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin, and the film Gattaca (1997) present seemingly perfect worlds that hide injustice under the surface. Societies sacrifice the joy of the individual for the benefit of all. What can we as readers learn from these stories about our own world? In at least a five-paragraph essay, describe a central theme (lesson, moral) in at least one of the stories. Include textual evidence to support your ideas. What lessons can we apply to our world today?

Writing Criteria:

  • Well-organized multiple-paragraph essay.
  • A clear thesis statement (main argument).
  • Textual evidence with analysis (quotes must be cited with page numbers in MLA Format).
  • Creativity and sentence variety.
  • Checked for spelling/grammar/mechanics.

Texts and Online Resources:

Handouts and Resources:

Editing/Revision Resources:

Remembering Fred Korematsu

UCRS-BannerCelebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, participate in the Asian Americans Advancing Justice Untold Civil Rights Stories Writing Contest! Submit your completed work here.  Official rules here.

Fred KorematsuEssential Questions:

  1. In times of war, how would you safeguard civil liberties while maintaining national security?
  2. What was the government’s reasoning behind the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II?
  3. How did the Japanese American community respond to the internment order?
  4. How did the September 11th attacks affect Americans’ views of Asian Americans?
  5. How should we move forward? What can we do to prevent future incidents like this?

Writing Process:

Supporting Texts:

Online Video Resources: