How to take the AR STAR Test

arDirections for the Accelerated Reader STAR Test:

  1. Go to the ALC AR Website.
  2. Click “I’m a Student.”
  3. Type in your user name and password (if you forget your user name, click “Forgot your user name?“). Passwords are “abc.”
  4. Click “STAR Reading.”
  5. Monitor Password: Admin
  6. Click “Start.”
  7. This test is timed – try your best! This is your way to show your English teacher how well you’ve improved in your reading skills.

“Work Your Mind” Article

Chalkboard boy

Essay Prompt: Do students need to “struggle” in order to learn? According to the article, what are the benefits of students learning on their own? What should the role of the teacher be in the classroom?


  • Clear thesis/main argument
  • Must include at least 3+ quotes from the article (integrated correctly, use sentence starters)
  • Explain/analyze the importance of each quote (use sentence starters)
  • At least 3+ well-developed paragraphs!

“Work Your Mind” Article from Time For Kids (Authors: Annie Murphy Paul and Stephanie Kraus, 4/25/12)

Sentence starters to introduce quotes:

  • X states, “…”
  • According to X, “…”
  • In X’s view, “…”
  • X agrees when she writes, “…”
  • X disagrees when he writes, “…”

Sentence starters to explain/analyze quotes:

  • In other words, X believes ____.
  • In making this comment, X urges us to _____.
  • X’s point is that _____.
  • The essence of X’s argument is that ____.

(Sentence starters above from the book, “They Say / I Say” by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein and Russel Durst)

Leadership Development


All ALC students must submit their LD Project log to their Pathways by Friday, 9/5! There are many awesome LD projects available. Check out the ALC LD website for the fully updated LD list.

Here are just a few:

  • Mondays: SWOP (Room 2108), AVID Site Team (Room 2128)
  • Tuesdays: Enrich LA Gardening (Room 4105/Garden), ImMediate Justice (Room 2108)
  • Wednesdays: Alma Mater Writing Group (Room 4105), OakGrove (Room 2120), Bresee Service Learning, Las Fotos (Library)
  • Thursdays: School of Rock (Room 4012), GSA (Room 2114), Stoked (Room 2115), Get Lit (Room 4111)
  • Friday: Code Academy (Room 4117), Daily Bruin (Room 4106)
  • Saturdays: Inner-City Arts (Registration 9/20)
  • JA Company Program (See Ms. Desmet for more info)
  • Students Run LA (See Mr. Molnar or Ms. Yap for more info)

If you have any questions, see Mr. Herrmann or check the ALC LD Website.