Teens and Tech Persuasive Research Paper


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Writing Prompt:

Is technology a positive or negative influence on teens? What are the benefits and consequences?

Write a persuasive research paper, in which you argue one side of the debate on teenagers and technology. Support your ideas with specific textual evidence from articles, videos, and research. Consider the counterargument: how will you convince those who disagree with you?

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Parenting Essay


Essay Writing Prompt: How much freedom and supervision should parents give their children? Are parents today too overprotective? Or is “free range” parenting a kind of neglect? Explain why. Write an argumentative essay, backing it up with textual details from the articles: “Are Modern Kids Coddled?” (Newsweek) and “Kids Solo Playtime” (NPR). Also refer to our class text, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

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Los Angeles River Essay

lariverWriting Prompt: Like the city that shares its name, the Los Angeles River has a very tortured and complicated history. One writer, Jenny Price, calls it an “outsize concrete sewer…most famous for being forgotten.” Write a persuasive essay about how the city of Los Angeles should handle the future of its river. Back up your argument with specific evidence. Include cited evidence from the Los Angeles Times articles and other online resources. Online resources:

Persuasive Essay


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