Remembering Fred Korematsu

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Fred KorematsuEssential Questions:

  1. In times of war, how would you safeguard civil liberties while maintaining national security?
  2. What was the government’s reasoning behind the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II?
  3. How did the Japanese American community respond to the internment order?
  4. How did the September 11th attacks affect Americans’ views of Asian Americans?
  5. How should we move forward? What can we do to prevent future incidents like this?

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Hate Crimes Essay


A Vigil Against Hate Crime (Jasn,

Unit Essential Questions:

  • Why have Asian Americans been targets of hate crimes and discrimination?
  • How has the Asian American community responded to these incidents?
  • How has the media portrayed Asian Americans? How have they responded to these incidents?
  • How do discrimination and “microaggressions” affect minority groups in society?
  • What can be done to prevent further discrimination and hate crimes in our society?

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