Hamlet Essay


Students must finish reading the play by Tuesday, 10/8.

Due Tuesday, 10/8, Typed, 2 pages max, MLA Format. Create a strong thesis and support with textual evidence.

Choose one of the following topics.

  1. The play Hamlet blurs the lines between “play-acting” and “real life.” Is Hamlet truly going “mad,” or is he just playing the part?
  2. With the ghost and all the spying in the play, what should the audience believe to be true? Discuss the issue of “dramatic irony” in the play.
  3. Is Hamlet just a traditional story of “revenge?” Or is it something more? Explain.
  4. How does Shakespeare portray women in the play? Is this a feminist text?
  5. Or create your own writing prompt. Contact Nittle for approval.

Hamlet Resources


Students, below are some resources for Hamlet:

Due Friday, 9/27:

  • Read Act 2 (Prepare for Socratic Seminar on Thursday, 9/26)
  • Hamlet Soliloquy Essay: Typed, 1 page max, MLA Format. Choose one soliloquy and analyze the text (Formalist lens), using quotes (not block quotes). Create a strong thesis and support with textual evidence: Hamlet: Act I, scene ii (pg. 14-15) or Polonius: Act I, scene iii (pg. 20-21).

Feel free to discuss questions or the text below.