SRLA Kicks Off the Year with a Spooky Halloween 10K!


Civitas SRLA 2013 10k

On Sunday, 10/27th, Civitas & Roybal SRLA started off the 2013-2014 season with a “Boo!” at the La Puente Halloween Run!  12 student runners and 3 teachers completed a tough 6.2 miles, with two challenging hills.  But it was no sweat for these star athletes, who all received medals for their efforts.  We’re so proud of you, team!

Please congratulate our finishers: Janina, Elvis, Brian, Guemil, Oliver, Daniel, Aileen, Raymond, Evelyn, Fernando, Pablo, and Jose.

Proud coaching staff: Ms. Stratton, Ms. Warren, Mr. Nittle and Mr. Runkle

We’re training for the 2014 LA Marathon.  Remember, if you can be one of the few to run a marathon, you can be one of the many to graduate college!

Next race: Universal Studios Backlot 15K (9.3 miles) on Sunday, November 17th in Hollywood!  Come cheer on our Civitas/Roybal Runners!

For more pictures, video and race results, check out: SRLA Student Headquarters.