AP English Lit Winter Break Assignment

ap lit novels

All 12th Grade AP Lit students need to post comments here over the break about their chosen novel: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, My AntoniaBless Me, Ultimathe Kite Runner, or Slaughterhouse Five.

  1. You must post at least one original comment (at least a paragraph in response to the novel). **Make sure to specify which novel you’re referring to.
  2. You must also comment in response to another student’s post about the same book.
  3. Use this as a place to ask questions, share online resources or seek for clarification about the book.

Keep comments, academic appropriate and book-related. Mr. Nittle reserves the right to delete any off-topic or inappropriate comments.

All comments are due Friday, 1/17/14!

For the writing assignment related to the book, click to download the file: AP Lit Winter Break Assignment.