“The Journey is the Destination” Research Project



Presentation Requirements

  • Research and plan out your future career path.
  • Present your findings and research to the class.
  • Create a Google Slides/Prezi slideshow as a visual aide.
  • Include your sources/works cited (people interviewed, websites).

Research Content Criteria

  • High School
    • Which classes to focus on for future career path
    • LD opportunities
    • Extracurricular activities/jobs recommended
  • College/Trade School
    • Entrance exams: PSAT/SAT/ACT?
    • Admission requirements, dates, grades, test scores, etc.
    • Basic information about school (similar to college pennant)
      • Name
      • Location
      • Cost per year
      • Type: Private, Public, Community College, For-Profit
      • Acceptance rate
    • Major or area of focus (example: Biology)
  • Financial Aid Opportunities – $$$
    • Minimum of 3 specific sources for financial aid
    • Possibilities: Grants (needs-based), scholarships, loans, work-study, job, out-of-pocket, etc.
  • Post-College/Trade School
    • Masters, Doctorate, Certification or other Degree, residency, training, etc.
  • Job Information
    • Average yearly salary/Hourly pay
    • Living situation

Career Presentation Research Project:

Helpful resources:

Senior & Junior Research Papers


* All Senior Project and ID Unit Project Research Papers are due on Friday, 12/6!

Writing Process:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Annotated Bibliography (Source Citations plus one paragraph evaluation): Seniors (10+ sources), Juniors (7+ sources)
  3. Research Notes (30+)
  4. Organize research into an outline
  5. Write rough draft of research paper
  6. Final typed research paper with bibliography, MLA Formatted: Seniors (8-10 pages), Juniors (5-7 pages)

Annotated Bibliography must include:

  • Create an annotated bibliography for your ID Unit Topic. Must include at least one of the following: Book, Article (News, Magazine, online or print), Web Site, Academic Journal (Gale Virtual Reference Library counts), Interview (Optional)
  • Must include at least 7 sources.
  • Must be typed in correct MLA Format!
  • You may use Citation Machine.
  • A paragraph about the source. Questions to consider:
  1. Summarize the source in 1-2 sentences. What is the author’s main argument?
  2. Who is the author? Are they credible/reliable?
  3. Examine the source itself. Is it print/online? Does it look trustworthy? How do you know?